I espouse to the idea that research can and should extend beyond academia. My personal belief, having been trained in the tradition of Ethnic Studies, is that education for the people is by the people. As an intellectual that serves the public, my work has been informed by ethnic communities and international events, and I in turn uncover, interpret, and report my findings back to the people.

Because of this connection, I stress simplicity in my writing to reach the widest audiences possible. Academics are notorious for the excessive use of jargon. Some even consider the more esoteric the language, the more it is perceived as intellectual. I believe just the opposite. That is, the more simply one writes to clearly explain difficult concepts, the more I am confident the writer has a superior grasp of his or her material.Another drawback to academic writing is its dry nature, but this does not have to be the case. I strive to make my writing engaging, witty, while capturing the imagination of the reader. I aim to take a reader on an adventure, a journey of discovery filled with twists, turns, and new revelations. This should start with the first sentence.

I am most influenced by writings that: expose issues and injustices, inspire hope for a brighter future, offer practical solutions, and motivate people to action. Writers with the passion and ability to render their observations and analysis in this fashion can create a better society for all. In that way, I aspire to utilize my writing as a tool for knowledge and change. These are the ideas that inform my writing style.