The multitude of projects that I am involved in would not be successful without the help of all the research assistants. They are recruited from a variety of grades and majors and have the freedom to contribute to my projects that fuel their interests and passions, while also playing to their strengths. By working in any of the projects, research assistants will be involved in research, community building, organizing, institutional development, and learn aspects of teamwork and communication, all while contributing to intellectual creations. The research assistantship is a reciprocal relationship; RA’s will receive lifetime mentorship and a wide network of professionals. They will then gain confidence, learn to advocate for themselves, and achieve personal growth. Research assistants have opportunities to delve into projects like my National Aesthetics book and other publications, Ao Dai Museum Exhibit, Grant Writing, New Viet Nam Studies Initiative (research and program center on contemporary Viet Nam), the non-profit organization Tim Lai, and social media and branding.